Wolt Germany Invitation Referral Code

Get a 15€ Wolt invitation referral code

Wolt Invitation Referral Code

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* Only for new customers. You will get 3×5€ for your next orders. Only valid 30 Days.

Referral Code: EXBSJQR

How to get the Wolt Bonus?

As a new customer that uses a Wolt invitation referral code in the app, you will get three vouchers of each 5€ for your next three orders. This totals in a total of 15€ you will save in the app. Note that you first will only see a 5€ discount in the app. You will see the following two codes after the order in the app. Note that those codes are only valid for 30 days after they are applied inside the app.


How to apply the code in the app?

To make sure you do not forget the code with your next order, you can already add it to your account. To do this go to Profile and look under Quick  Links to enter the promo code. Here, just type the referral code.