Guide: How to use NightPay in Denmark

What is NighPay and how to use it?

You are probably in the situation that you arrived in Denmark either as a tourist, an exchange student, expat or whatever other reason, and you decide to go to a bar. The problem: Denmark is awfully expensive, especially alcohol in bars. One solution to avoid filing for bankruptcy after a night out is just doing proper pre-drinking with cheap supermarket beer, or the other option would be to use the app NightPay to pay for your drinks.

NightPay is a payment app for bars that is accepted in many places, in bigger cities in Denmark. Places include Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg or Odense. Using this app, you can pay 1/3 the price for drinks before 11pm in many places.

How to use NightPay?

Using NightPay is super easy, all you need is a smart phone with NFC capability and the NightPay app. After you downloaded the app, create a user account and dont forget to use the invite code: DanielM#19 to get 30 days of membership for free!

After this the membership fee is 39 kr. but this actually is no real membership fee since you get 39 kr. in triple-up balance back to your Nightpay account to spend in bars.

To now get the discount of 66% on your drinks in the bar, just charge the app with real money using your credit or debit card. The balance is displayed in the app. When it is before 11pm on that day, your NightPay balance is trippled, and you can now could buy 3 drinks for the price of one. NightPay calls this the triple-up balance. If it is after 11pm the balance displayed return to the amount you paid into your account.

To pay in a bar, just tell the bar tender you pay via NightPay, then open your app and press the button “Pay with Triple-Up”, hold your phone close to the card-reader and the payment should be done in a few seconds.

How does the Triple-Up balance work?

Let’s say you charge your account with 17 kr. from your debit card account, if it is before 11pm your app will now show a balance of 51 kr. that you can spend like real money in the bar on most drinks. If the clock turns to 11:01pm, your balance returns to 17 kr. – the next day from 10am your balance will be 51 kr. again. Outside the NightPay hours, you still get a Cashback of 10% when you charge your account.

NightPay TripleUp balance Screenshot

Get a 30 day free NightPay membership

As a new user, you can get a free 30-day membership with NightPay to pay for your drinks.

When signing up, just use the code: DanielM#19 and finish the set-up process of NightPay.

Learn more about the NightPay bonus

Unlock the NightPay Gold membership

Getting NightPay Gold is super easy, just have the black membership (the basic membership you choose when you pay with NightPay) for over 90 days, and you automatically receive the Gold membership. The benefits include one free drink a month and the invitation to special events.

NightPay Gold Membership

NightPay in Denmark, Norway and Finland

The app currently supports payments in 3 countries, including Denmark, Finland and Norway in mayor cities in those countries, like Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Aarhus, Odense and many more.