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Find friend referral codes for various categories and earn additional rewards and bonuses just for opening accounts you intended to use anyway. Referral codes often come in different forms, the most common is a referral link that directs you to the registration page of the service and automatically applies the bonus code. Other forms include just a normal text code that can be applied either during the registration or afterwards in the settings section of the website or app.

Always make sure your code is applied. Also make sure the link you use is an actual referral link by looking in your URL bar. Those links often have long scrambled strings attached to the address that sometimes even contain the word ref or referral.

What to do if you did not get your bonus?

If you did not get your bonus after the referral, you need to hope for the goodwill of the provider. In the end, he decides if the bonus will be paid to you. In any case, you should write to the support team and ask about and explain that you used a referral code or link to register for their service. You should not write if you forgot to use the code. They will know if you are lying, by checking their log files and databases.

But in most cases, referral links will not be recognized because of browser privacy settings. To avoid this happening, use a browser with no privacy settings set for the registration and allow cookies. But besides this, it’s generally recommended using a browser with privacy enchanting settings turned on. This is because companies will track you and may sell products at higher prices to you when they identify some areas where you are not so price conscious on.

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