W1tty vs. Plutus

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In the booming world of digital banking, new players are continually emerging and making waves. Among these are Plutus and W1TTY, two innovative platforms offering unique features and cashback rewards to attract consumers. In this article, we delve into a detailed comparison between these two providers to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements.

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Overview of Services

Both Plutus and W1TTY offer free accounts. Plutus customers get a Dutch IBAN, while W1TTY provides a GB IBAN, both platforms operate with Euro.

Cashback Rewards

Plutus and W1TTY both offer cashback rewards on card usage. Both Plutus and W1TTY offer a cashback program of 3% in their free tiers. Note that W1tty’s cashback is paid out in Euros, while Plutus is paid out in the cryptocurrency PLU. Both cashback are available after a 45-day period to avoid abuse of the system. Plutus additionally offers a feature, called ‘Stacking’ that allows users to boost their cashback up to an impressive 8% for a fee.

It is important to note that W1TTY’s 3% cashback is a promotional offer, and can be removed at any time. In contrast, Plutus provides a variable cashback limit based on the subscription plan chosen. This offers more flexibility, especially for heavy spenders, as the premium plan for 14.99€ allows 3% cashback on up to 22,500€ of expenses. PLU can be exchanged in the app to Euros, once unlocked. Currently, the PLU to Euro exchange system is blocked, so no exchange is possible.

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Perks and Rewards

A notable difference lies in the perks offered. Plutus provides a ‘Perks’ program, where customers can earn Pluton (PLU) tokens. Selected services to earn PLU on, include Netflix, Spotify, and Airbnb. Perks are a form of cashback that is a maximum of 10€ per service in PLU. The free tier offers one perk to choose from, the 4.99€ tier two perks and the 14.99€ tier three perks.

On the contrary, W1TTY does not offer a similar rewards program, but is currently developing its W1tts program.

Fees and Pricing

For monthly costs, Plutus offers a range from free to 14.99€, depending on the chosen subscription model. In contrast, W1TTY maintains a core free model with an upgrade option to add more functionality to the account.


Finally, regarding geographical availability, Plutus services are accessible to customers in the EU and the UK. The geographical availability for W1TTY is available in 13 European countries, including Germany, UK, France or Poland.

W1tty vs. Plutus in comparison

Compare key features of W1tty vs. Plutus in the table below.

Key FeaturePlutusW1TTY
Account CostFree to €14.99 (based on plan)Free
Cashback3% to 8% (with Stacking)3%
Perks ProgramYes (Cashback in Pluton Tokens)No
Cashback CurrencyPLUEuro
Cashback lock duration45 days45 days
Invitation Bonus10€ in PLUnone

Plutus Plan options

View the Plutus plan options in the graphic below, they range from free to 14.99€ per month and are valid only on 3% of cashback.

Plutus compare plan options

You can increase the cashback by increasing your reward level. This can be done by stacking PLU, currently 250 to 2000 PLU are needed depending on the level you want to reach. Since the table gets updated regularly, please look up an updated version here.


Both Plutus and W1TTY have their unique strengths. The choice between them largely hinges on individual needs and preferences. Plutus seems to be the better option for users who value higher cashback percentages and a variety of perks, but offers the volatility risk of a cryptocurrency. Conversely, W1TTY’s straightforward cashback system and no-cost model might appeal more to users who prefer simplicity and want cashback directly in Euros.

*Plutus get 10€ in PLU with the code: 8R1yDT