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NightPay invite code

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30 days

*Create a new account and add payment method.

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How to get the NightPay reward?

NightPay allows you to safe money in selected bars in Denmark. By using the app for payments, you save 66% on beverages like beer in bars that accept NightPay during specific times given in the app. To get your bonus of a membership for 30 days, you need to enter the NightPay invite code during account creation. Then just walk into a bar that supports NightPay order a drink and pay using the app. Just don’t forget to tell the bartender that you are using the app to pay.

To activate the membership after the free 30 days, you need to charge the app with 45 kr. per month. This money is not lost, but added to your account for later payments in the bars. Additionally, to that, if you do not want to charge your account, you save 10% on card purchases made inside the app.

We could verify that the app currently supports payments in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

In Denmark NightPay supports cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and more.

Learn more about NightPay and how it works in this small guide, we created: NightPay Guide