How to Open a Danish Bank Account: A Guide for Foreigners

Denmark is renowned for its high quality of life and robust financial system, making it an appealing destination for expatriates and international students. Opening a bank account in Denmark is a crucial step for anyone moving to the country. Whether you’re a foreigner looking to settle in Denmark or just need a Danish bank account, this guide will walk you through the process, highlighting the best options and addressing common questions on how to open a Danish bank account.

Find the best Danish Bank Account – our comparison table

Traditional Danish Banks

When you are looking for traditional Danish banks with a local branch and a full portfolio of banking and financial services, you will find a compliled list of Danish banks below in the table:

Bank NameBenefits
Danske BankComprehensive services, wide presence
NordeaStrong in Nordic/Baltic regions, variety of services
Jyske BankFocus on private banking and wealth management
NykreditSpecializes in mortgages, tailored services for foreigners
SydbankFull-service, personalized approach
Lån & Spar BankCompetitive rates, individualized services

Danish Mobile Banks

Here you find a list of mobile banks that you can use in Denmark, not all of them are Danish, but they allow you to bank easily in Denmark.

Feature/PlanLunar BankN26 BankRevolut Bank
TypeMobile BankMobile BankMobile Bank
Advantages– Real Danish Bank Account
– English Language App
Signup Bonus
– English Language App– English Language App
– Multi-currency support
Disadvantages– App only– No real Danish Account
– Account only in EUR, no DKK
– No real Danish Account
– No deposit guarantee for non-EUR/GBP accounts
Costs– Standard Plan: Free;
– Premium plans range from 29 DKK to 119 DKK/month
– Standard Plan: Free;
– Premium plans range from €4.90 to €16.90/month
– Standard Plan: Free;
– Premium plans range from £2.99 to £45/month
Special FeaturesDigital banking with various account options, investment platform, travel benefits with Plus and Unlimited plansTravel insurance with N26 You and Metal, real-time notifications, free international transfers in 19 currenciesCommission-free trading on stocks/ETFs, cryptocurrency investments, rewards card with cash-back rewards, multi-currency support

Understanding the Basics of Opening a Bank Account in Denmark

Can Foreigners Open a Danish Bank Account?

Yes, foreigners can open a bank account in Denmark. The process and requirements may vary slightly depending on your residency status and the bank you choose.

Which Bank is Best for Foreigners in Denmark?

Choosing the right bank depends on your specific needs. Traditional banks like Danske Bank, Nordea, and Jyske Bank offer comprehensive services, while mobile banks like Lunar, N26, and Revolut cater to those preferring a digital experience. You should also make sure that the bank offers an Englisch language contract and user interface in the online banking.

How Do I Set Up a Danish Bank Account?

To set up a bank account, you’ll need valid identification, proof of address in Denmark, a Danish CPR number, and a MitID for digital services. The process can often be initiated online or at a bank branch.

What is the No. 1 Bank in Denmark?

Danske Bank is Denmark’s largest and most prominent bank, offering a broad range of financial services. But there are many factors that are important when deciding with which institute to bank with.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Bank Account in Denmark?

Most Danish banks do not charge a fee for opening an account. However, be mindful of monthly service fees, withdrawal fees, and currency exchange rates.

Choosing the Right Bank in Denmark

Traditional Banks

  • Danske Bank: Offers personal and corporate banking, wealth management, and insurance.
  • Nordea: Ideal for those with interests in the Nordic and Baltic regions.
  • Jyske Bank: Known for private banking and wealth management services.
  • Nykredit: Specializes in mortgage solutions and banking services tailored for foreigners.
  • Sydbank: A full-service bank with a focus on customer relations.
  • Lån & Spar Bank: Competitive rates and a focus on individual requirements.

Mobile Banks

  • Lunar: A digital bank with various account options and features like interest on deposits.
  • N26: A German bank offering flexible, mobile bank accounts with perks like travel insurance.
  • Revolut: Offers innovative features like budgeting tools and international money transfers.

Opening a Danish Bank Account Online

How top open a danish bank account cover photo

Most Danish banks offer the convenience of opening your account online, making it a hassle-free process for foreigners if everything goes right. When you have all your documents ready this process should usually go smoothly and without delay. You will still need documents like your passport and proof of address and for the real Danish banks you will need a CPR number and MitID.

General Requirements to open a bank account in Denmark

  • Valid photo ID (passport or EU national ID card).
  • Proof of address in Denmark (utility bill or rental agreement).
  • Danish CPR number (shown on your yellow health card).
  • MitID for digital services.

Additional Points to Consider when opening a Danish Bank Account

  • Language support: Many banks offer services in English but not all of them.
  • Online and mobile banking: All of the listed options offer online banking, but if you prefer mobile banking you should choose a provider that suits your needs.
  • Fees and services: Some banks offer completly free accounts while others charge a monthly fee. Make sure to compare fees and prices before choosing a bank.

Special Considerations for Non-Residents

Non-residents may need to provide a work contract or visa. The approval process might take longer, so having an existing payment method for initial expenses is advisable. Using one of the mobile bank options like N26 or Revolut might be a fast way to get a working bank account compared to some of the traditional banks.


Opening a bank account in Denmark as a foreigner is straightforward, provided you have the necessary documentation. Choose a bank that aligns with your needs, whether it’s traditional banking services or a modern, digital experience. Remember to consider factors like language support, online banking facilities, and fee structures. With this guide, you’re now ready to open your Danish bank account with ease and confidence.